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We believe that every product deserves exceptional design.

We are a team of planners, designers, writers, and coders. We are inspired everyday by the products that come to the platform, and we love seeing those visions come to life through the hard work of our fantastic design community. 

Whether you're a Fortune 50 company or launching your first product, we'll help you get your product designed faster, cheaper and better than hiring a full time employee or engaging with a design agency. 

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Abigail Kiefer
CEO + Co-Founder

In 2011, Abigail founded Red Clay with Ashley to help retail companies design products faster, cheaper, and better. She is Red Clay’s chief relationship builder and risk-taker, responsible for creating new relationships with great retail companies.

Ashley Etling
CCO + Co-Founder

Ashley leads Red Clay's design initiatives, launching partnerships with CCA, Highway 1 and Metropolis. She was responsible for raising Red Clay’s $1 million seed round, as well as managing investor relations for its Series A.

Tyler Holland

Tyler is in charge of Red Clay's technology platform. A full-stack developer and product manager with over a decade of experience, Tyler is well versed in Ruby on Rails, .Net, and core web technologies from SQL to javascript.

Chantal Emmanuel
Sophia Dean
Michelle Steidle
Saleh Rastani

Located in the heart of innovation
South of Market, San Francisco, CA

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