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Here's how it works...

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Fill Out a Creative Brief

Your first stop on the platform is the creative brief. Here you'll tell us about who you are, your product idea, project requirements and end user. You'll also be able to share any inspiration images or sketches you have, design specs and information about materials and colors.

Choose Your Designers

Based on your creative brief, a pool of interested designers will populate on your project page, ranked by relevant experience and expertise. The entire group will only see select details of your project. You'll choose one or multiple designers to hire based on their robust portfolio, they'll gain access to your full brief, and start working.

See Initial Sketches & Share Feedback

The designers you've hired will submit their first round of concepts to you for feedback. You'll use our in-platform collaboration tools to add comments and annotations to the sketches to clearly and easily communicate your feedback. You can also message with your designers at any time through the platform.

At this stage you should expect early sketches that clearly communicate a designer's vision of your product. Your designers will want to make sure that your visions are aligned before they move on to create fully-fledged renderings and CAD files (those come next).

Get Revised Renderings & Finalize Your Design

You've shared out your feedback, and now it's time to see the revised and fully-fledged renderings. These images should show you, in much greater detail, what your final product will look like. Once your Red Clay project is complete you can use these images to wow investors, share out to crowdfunders or shareholders, or frame over your desk.

You'll have the opportunity for more small tweaks and continued communication after revisions have been submitted, and are welcome to bring on a manufacturing partner to help with these adjustments. Leverage the real-time messaging tool or send an announcement to your whole design team about final steps.

Buyout the Best Design

After delivery of the second round of designs, you'll finish your project by buying out technical design files of your product. This will oficially and legally transfer ownership from the design community to you. Your project is now complete and you own all sketches, renderings and technical files of the concept you bought.

With specs and full IP rights, you're ready to go to production with prototype or manufacture-ready files! If you haven't planned for the next step yet, don't worry. We provide our clients access to our ecosystem of prototyping and manufacturing partners that can help them move to the next stage of production.

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First, give us a little information about yourself, and then share some images of your best work. We’ll take a look and get back to you soon.

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